Our preschool classes at Olympia Gymnastics develop coordination, agility, muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and motor skills. Beginning gymnastics classes are designed for the 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds that are emotionally and socially ready to participate without adult involvement. Girls and boys attend classes together and use our smaller, age-appropriate bars, balance beams, rings, vault, bouncers and shape mats specially designed for smaller bodies along with introduction to the trampoline and tumble track. Your child can build their physical fitness as well as their confidence and self esteem as they roll, turn, jump and tumble. Our focus is placed on beginning gymnastics skills, safety, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and listening and following directions, in a fun and safe environment that provides a great opportunity for your child to discover the joy of gymnastics. Our curriculum incorporates the use of colors, shapes, numbers and directions to accomplish skills and tasks that foster learning and prepare for kindergarten and reading readiness.


Come and spend a fun-filled day with us, this summer! Some of our camp activities include Field Trips, games, movies, arts & crafts, zip-line, playing outside, including water play days. We offer weekly rates and daily rates for full, or half days. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.


Come spend the afternoon with us in the gym! The children will enjoy playing on the trampoline, tumble-track, rings, rope & more. We provide an afterschool snack and homework assistance. Students from Lakewood Elementary School may ride the bus here. We pick-up from St. James Elementary, Burgess Elementary, Seaside Elementary and St. James Intermediate Schools.


Olympia Gymnastics offers numerous recreational classes for boys and girls with the focus on FUN! Is your child six years or older, and interested in trying gymnastics? Here's how it works:

  • Step 1 Come in for a FREE assessment and have a chance to take a tour of our facility.
  • Step 2 Try a class for FREE with no obligation!
  • Step 3 Sign up for class and your child is on their way to higher confidence, more self-esteem and doing flips on your couch and handstands in your kitchen!

  • Note: Children 2 years old to 5 years old will take classes in our Preschool Program.

Class structure...Every recreational class works on every event, doing two events per class for girls and boys. Students are placed in the appropriate class based on their ability and are allowed to progress at their own pace.

Want to come more than once a week? No problem! You can come once a week, twice a week or to every available class if you would like! Just let us know!

Second sibling receives a 10% discount.

Do I have to compete? No. Our recreational program is focused on skill progression and having a ton of FUN while doing it. We do not learn routines and do not expect flawless execution of skills. However, your child will have the opportunity to take their learning as far as their ability allows them within the recreational program.


Olympia Gymnastics is dedicated to providing a program that gives athletes the opportunity to shine in the sport of gymnastics. Your gymnast begins to train in a structured team environment. He or she will begin to compete at various meets including local, regional and national events. Training with the team requires a solid dedication from the gymnast, as well as the parents and families of the athletes.

Olympia Gymnastics also offers all levels of training for both boys and girls. Compulsory levels are Levels 2-5. All routines done by the gymnast are the same. Levels 6-10 are optional levels and the gymnasts each have different routines. The Elite level is the top level of gymnastics that you see on TV from our National Team members. To provide proper training for our pre-team, as well as with all of our teams, membership is by invitation only and year-round attendance is mandatory.


Your child’s next birthday can be held right here at the Olympia Gymnastics Facility. The parties receive one hour of fun in the gym with our friendly staff. Children play on obstacle courses, bungees, trampolines, tumble track, games and more. After the children have had their fun in the gym, they get a half an hour in our party area. Best of all, we set up and clean up, handle contests and games so you can enjoy the party.


Join us every first and third Friday from 6:00pm-9:00pm for our open gym, here in Surfside. Drop off your child and they can use the equipment, play games, and have fun for only $5.00 per hour, per person. Bring a friend and pay only $10 each for all 3 hours. Hope to see you there!

Our goal is to provide a high degree of professionalism and instructional techniques to promote and provide a safe and fun child centered environment stressing fitness, self confidence, life skills and the physical, social and moral development of children.